Mackenzie Holmes, CPDT-KA

Pronouns: She/Her

Mackenzie’s first professional training experience was in 2001 with Tooey, a lesser sulpher-crested cockatoo. That was her introduction to clicker training and shaping behaviors, and thus to training as a cooperative task shared by learner and teacher. When she began training dogs professionally in 2011, Mackenzie found that cooperation just as compelling. Facilitating partnerships between dogs and humans and seeing teams become extensions of one another made her love the work.

Her current household includes two dogs, two tarantulas, and an eight year old human child. Mackenzie describes her goal as simple: to create joy. Training should be a joyful experience for both the human and the dog. She believes that great things are possible when everyone is having fun, and when training is consensual.

Mackenzie is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, receiving her accreditation through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT).

Mackenzie is an IDPKA-certified dog parkour instructor and evaluator, an AKC CGC and Trick Dog Evaluator, and a certified Drink With Your Dog Instructor an Evaluator

Mackenzie is a member of Force Free Trainers of WisconsinThe Association of Professional Dog TrainersThe Pet Professional Guild, and is a LIMA compliant trainer


Mackenzie and Rime


Mackenzie and baby Rime


Mackenzie and Rime

Earning AKC STAR Puppy Award

Anne Strouse, CPDT-KA

Pronouns: She/Her

Anne has been training dogs professionally since 2009, but she first became serious about dogs in 2003 when she adopted Mozart, an adult mix with some known behavior issues. By working on these issues, Anne learned to interact appropriately with Mozart, read his body language, and help him feel secure in his new home. This process sparked an interest in understanding dog behavior and learning techniques for training and living together. Over the course of their 12-year relationship, Anne worked closely with trainers and behaviorists, learning all she could from them–and, of course, from Mozart.

These days, Anne lives with one cat, two chickens, and three dogs. She has also fostered 30+ dogs as they waited to find their forever homes. Anne has been actively involved in dog rescue since 2005 and facilitated the rescue and adoption of hundreds of dogs. Moreover, she spent four years serving on the Adoption Team and on the Board of Directors with Basset Buddies Rescue. She has trained her personal dogs in obedience, CGC, agility, scent work, and parkour.

Anne is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, receiving her accreditation through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT). Anne is a certified Drink With Your Dog Instructor and Evaluator and is a LIMA compliant trainer.

A person with short hair and glasses stands beside a short, long, wiry-coated dog.

Anne and Chowder


Anne and Franklin

Practicing Parkour


Issuing DWYD title

-Diane Nissler

What you get with a CCPDT-certified dog trainer

The CCPDT certifications tell you a number of things about the dog training professionals who hold them:

  • Proven skills and knowledge of humane, science-based dog training
  • The drive and determination to successfully complete a rigorous exam process
  • A commitment to a strict ethical code for personal and business conduct
  • A commitment to continuing education and professional development
  • A commitment to enhancing the dog training profession


Meet the Busy Dog Team! 

Magen Knuth

Busy Dog Trainer / Administrative Assistant

“I love coaching human students on how to better communicate with and understand their dog. Watching that connection and bond deepen is the best part of being a trainer.” 

Pronouns: she/her/hers


Ally Sogge

Busy Dog Trainer

”I love working with people to build and strengthen their connection with their dogs.  Whether it be a tricks class where we work on having fun or the fundamentals, having a dog is rewarding and training with them should be too. ”

Pronouns: they/them/theirs

Alex Hazlett

Busy Dog Trainer

“I believe in making training enjoyable for both the dog and the handler using creative games and engaging activities, with plenty of positive reinforcement. The training process is a beautiful journey, and each step should be treated just like that.”

Pronouns: they/them/theirs

Alex is an AKC CGC and Trick Dog Evaluator.



Karina Lathrop

Busy Dog Trainer

“I love training dogs because, when given the chance, our dogs inevitably surprise us with what they’re capable of. By truly listening to your dog and responding to what they offer you will form an incredible connection and see your dog flourish. And as they say, Happy Dog, Happy Life!”

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Ivan Hoerz

Lead Assistant Trainer

“My teaching philosophy is to help handlers learn how to communicate with their dogs in a positive manner- and have fun doing it! I believe the more we work with our dogs, the stronger the connection between trainer and dog will be.”

Pronouns: he/him/his

Katie Kaliszewski

Assistant Trainer

“Dogs are amazing! I love working with dogs because they are smart, challenging, and always incredibly rewarding. The way you can watch a guardian and their dog build relationship and see the respect and understanding is an amazing thing to watch throughout class sessions.”

Pronouns: she/her/hers


Ariel Rezin

Assistant Trainer


Pronouns: they/them/theirs




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