A sheltie sticks their head inside the mouth of an alligator statue.

Getting Started in Dog Parkour

Dog parkour is a rapidly growing sport that promotes confidence, exploration, physical fitness, and partnership between you and your dog. Looking to add enrichment and adventure to your walks? Perhaps help your dog become more bold without being reckless? Try dog parkour!

You will learn from certified dog parkour instructors while you work toward your Training Level Title (or just have fun with your dog!)

This class is for: 

  • People who do not have direct experience with dog parkour as a sport. Newbies, start here!
  • People with active, curious dogs and a spirit of adventure.
  • People whose dogs may be more measured or cautious in their approached to the world.
  • People with puppies who wish to support their confidence and body awareness as they grow.
  • People with older dogs who are not ready for full retirement; they just need a few adjustments.
  • Anyone who wants to bond and explore with their dog.

Mackenzie Holmes

Busy Dog Trainer

Certified IDPKA Instructor and Evaluator

Beginning Mat Work

Station training, or mat work, is the process of teaching your dog to seek out a predetermined space, whether their bed, an agility table, a crate, or whatever you choose.

In this free course, you will learn how to teach your dogs to: 

  • Seek out their mat
  • Offer a behavior once they’re on their mats
  • Love their mat
  • Add duration, so they can begin to learn to settle on their mat

This class is for: 

  • Clients who want to take our Brewery Manners Class
  • People With new puppies at home
  • Dogs who are always on the move
  • People who want to get a jumpstart on agility classes!

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