Fit Dog 


Busy Dog is Proud to be an AKC Approved Fit Dog Club! 


In September 2018, AKC launched the AKC FIT DOG program where dog owners who walk a specified distance with their dogs can receive a free AKC FIT DOG car magnet. (Want one? Check out their website here: It has been a great success and now the program has expanded to recognize AKC FIT DOG Clubs! These are local groups which meet and accomplish certain fitness goals together with their dogs.

Busy Dog keeps our credentials as an AKC Fit Dog Club by hosting a free Fit Dog Train Hike monthly!

Want to join us? Check out the options below! 



Cherokee Marsh


Warner Park


Camrock County Park

Fit Dog Trail Walks


Exact location information will be sent to you upon registration. 


No prerequisites. 




Fit Dog Parkour Walks

Join us for a fun 45 minute parkour training group, where the exercises change weekly depending on what we find in our environment! No experience is necessary, but instruction is limited.

No prerequisites. 


Sunday, April 7th at 11:15 a.m.